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Hi , first keyboard remember in '83 (made by myself ;)
was horrible but next one in '85 was better (i was genius cutting some russsian keyboard and fix to my prefereces - cut with knife...
After this experiences i had to buy some new one from the store but i had't enough money so first one Yamaha Sy22 was used and best ever - until now i like this one as Korg M1 and SY55 Korg RW and some others .
Always played only for pleasure touching keys , never learned play on any instrument and never treated this serious .
Just when i feel i want to play , play .
Now rader on Iphone Xewton studio than pro aplications from Pc because i have no time .
Xewton use sometimes when i'm going to sleep for half hour.
Thank you for listening and reading this and sorry for my english (never learned too ;)

All music and graphics made by artuszka ;)
One song "I can't help ...." from E.P is just my cover
rest songs with title "High speed" was made in 2009.
Clip was made with help Sony Vegas , music with FL8 and few others programs .
I hope u will like these songs

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